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Message from MonicaMessage from Monica

Welcome to our NEW website!
I hope you enjoy cruising around this site as it is a site for you as a parent, a parent to be or as a health professional. I look forward to meeting you either on site or in person and warmly welcome your feedback.

Prenatal Health & Fitness was created to help you achieve all your weight loss and fitness goals through the convenience of the internet, by providing you with a top quality personal training, fitness and parenting consultation service.

On this website you will find advice and information to parents and other personal trainers and health professionals. You can feel confident that information founded on the pages of Prenatal Plus Health & Fitness website will help prepare you for the exciting and challenging steps of parenthood through the pregnancy period, to the birth of your baby and beyond.

I am a qualified midwife, internationally qualified lactation consultant, personal trainer and mothercraft nurse. I am also an antenatal educator in Sydney and interstate presenter at professional conferences.

With extensive knowledge into physical wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition, I offer a number of services to prospective parents, families and the general community seeking personal fitness advice.

Each pregnancy is individual and each breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby is also individual. Specific advice is required and cannot be generalized to all members of the community, hence the need for my service to meet your specific needs.

So whether or not you are a parent, I can take YOU through routines that will achieve YOUR goals.


  Personal Antenatal/Postnatal Training

In the antenatal/postnatal period, as a qualified midwife, Monica will liaise with your obstetrician/doctor/paediatrician. Changes may occur in your pregnancy which will affect your training regimen. Get assistance and the professional advice about your situation.
Breastfeeding Consultation

All your questions regarding breastfeeding will be addressed on this website including tips on how to breastfeed your baby to optimum nutrition during lactation. Please feel free to email Monica to talk about your individual concerns. Enquire...

Breastfeeding and Exercise

As an interstate presenter on breastfeeding and exercise and presenter of “Exercise and Your New Baby”, Monica will provide you with advice relating to exercise that would be compatible with breastfeeding. You can learn how to best ways to structure your exercise regime around your baby.

Purchase the DVD/Video which will guide you through the all the important and home exercise routines. Read more on this site to get answers to your other concerns. Enquire...

  The Antenatal Period

Do you know what changes to expect in your body as your pregnancy progresses? Monica can advise you what tests might be done. Enquire...
  Postnatal Advice

Receive advice on the postnatal stage after your baby’s birth. Learn about the pattern your baby should be in. How long your baby should be awake or asleep. Know all about the settling techniques. Become aware of the tired signs of your baby. Enquire...
  Personal Fitness Consultation

From a personal fitness consultation to the design of exercise routines to achieve your goals, I am available for individual and group consultations/presentations for men & women of all age groups seeking advice on individual exercise regimes. Enquire...


TraceyMonica Rich taught me how to exercise safely during a difficult pregnancy. After I gave birth, she raised the intensity to help whip me back into shape! As a qualified lactation consultant, Monnie imparted invaluable advice during those stressful first months with a newborn. Her kind, compassionate approach made life a lot easier!" Tracey Spicer, Channel 10 Newsreader

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